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Tile Manufacturers & Suppliers

ABK Ceramic

ABK are an Italian company who specialise in ceramic and porcelain tiles for floor and walls. They are an award winning manufacture with years of experience in creating beautifully crafted tiles for home worldwide.



Ceramicas Aparici pride themselves on their technological innovation and using the highest quality materials. The whole process is monitored to ensure their own high standards, making them one of the most powerful companies in the sector.



Edimax are manufacturers of glazed porcelain coloured body ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles. Their product range consists of a wide range of modular items, including natural, semi-polished, ground and brushed surfaces.


Original Style

Original Style are one of Britain's leading ceramic tile manufacturers. They specialise in high quality wall and floor tiles, glass tiles, natural stone tiles, victorian tiles, bathroom tiles and mosaics for homes and commercial projects.



Cevica was found in 1986 as a result of collaboration between four hard working entrepreneurs. From the beginning they have been focused on the pursuit of offering quality products, something they have successfully achieved.



Fiordo Industrie Ceramiche is the industrial reality, from which it has taken the complete technical and commercial heritage of "PanariaGroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A.



Supergres are leading suppliers of porcelain tiles, mosaic, red body wall tiles, single fired tiles and white body wall tiles. Made in Italy they can be found in homes and building around the world, they look great on walls, inside as well as outside.



Geotiles are one of Spain's leading ceramic tile manufacturers. They offer a wide variety of products, ranging from white and red body to all types of porcelain tiles. Their inspiration comes modern trends and tendencies, whilst not forgetting traditions.


La Faenza Ceramica

The ceramic company LaFaenza began its cultural renewal at the beginning of the 1960's with a style and a design vision that introduced art into our everyday lives and that still today inspires the LaFaenza collections.


Del Conca

Originally found in 1962 in the small Republic of San Marino, Del Conca continue to produce distinctive, original and quality products. They are specialists in the manufacture of ceramic floor and wall tiles.


Polis Ceramiche

Polis designs and manufactures its products in Italy. This is a conscious choice that is not always easy. It however stresses the commitment of the company towards the concept of Made in Italy. Polis believes that Italian products have experience and quality - properties that are recognised on an international level. These values must be protected so that Italian ceramics may continue to be synonymous with style, reliability and top quality performance. Just like Ceramica Polis.

El Barco Ceramicos

A Company dedicated to manufacture of high-design ceramic craft pieces, imitation marble and slate ceramic tiles with a large catalog at your disposal to decorate walls and floors. Artisan ceramic floor and wall cladding for domestic and business environments, based in Castellon Spain.


Hoppe Mosaic

We are pleased to present you our choice of more than 450 mosaics made of ceramics, glass and natural stone. Since 1960 we import and stock the best and the most beautiful mosaic products for our clients.


Matex Spain

INTER MATEX S.L. was founded in 1988 by Fidel Gil and Virgina Miralles, with the basic objective to manufacture, sell and promote a selection of ceramic materials. Later, in a process of continuous adaptation to market demands, the product concept was gradually updated, incorporating as the business core the porcelain tile, both technical and glazed and mosaics from around the world.


Realonda Ceramica

Realonda's history can be traced back to 80 years ago. Known then as "El Tercio" the factory's first phase began in 1920 and continued until 1936. The second phase started in 1952 with its present name Realonda, S.A. During this period, the factory has adapted to the technological advances in order to offer its customers the best quality in our products, and a conscientious service.


Fap Ceramiche

Our solutions create new harmonies which attempt to combine traditional ceramics with sophisticated, contemporary design. It is this harmonious balance, as mobile and changeable as our desires which defines and creates our idea of how a bathroom should look.